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Phantom Limbs is an emerging dance company which was founded in 2008 by James Welsby and Amy Macpherson. The company's debut work, Concrete Solace, premiered at Holden St Theatres in the 2009 Adelaide Fringe Festival, then toured to QL2 Centre for Youth Dance in Canberra and to Theatre Works in St Kilda, where it won the 2009 MovingWorks Industry Selection Award, as well as the People's Choice Award. Phantom Limbs are associates of KAGE Physical Theatre and were mentored through a residency program at the Arts Centre, Melbourne. Repertoire includes: Concrete Solace 30 min Breakdesta 5 min Ganzfeld Frequency 20 min The Memory Progressive 50 min Further Fantasy [Work in Progress] Theodore and the Winehouse 3 min. As well as making their own performance work, Phantom Limbs has commissioned choreographer Luke George to create a new work on the young company. Phantom Limbs are recipients of awards, funding, and commissions from: City of Melbourne, City of Yarra, Arts Act, Theatre Works, and Next Wave Festival. Email: phantomlimbsdance@gmail.com

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Private Dances - Next Wave Festival

James Welsby and Amy Macpherson have been performing new Phantom Limbs work, Theodore and the Winehouse, in 'Private Dances' which is a keynote project for Next Wave Art Festival in Melbourne. The concept of Theodore and the Winehouse is the deconstruction of entertainment; mascot costumes are stripped part way through a dance to reveal the identities of the people underneath. Private Dances offers an audience an indoor campground complete with a bar and hor d'oeuvres flanked by sixteen tents, each hosting either a dance film or a short dance performance ranging from contemporary dance, classical Indian, hip hop, contortion, to Korean. Audience members are lead in by a guide one or two at a time into each tent to encounter these intimate, sometimes confronting performances. Performers would average 22 performances an evening!



Saturday, April 10, 2010

Phantom Limbs meets Luke George

Hot on the trail of the season of The Memory Progressive, Phantom Limbs commissioned choreographer Luke George to create a new dance work on the young company and worked for three weeks full time at Dancehouse to create performance material and ideas. The basis of the new work is becoming your own fantasy. The outcome of the three week development was performed at 6pm at Danchouse in the Sylvia Staehli Theatre on Friday 9th April , 2010.

Choreographer: Luke George
Producers: James Welsby and Amy Macpherson
Cast: James Welsby, Amy Macpherson, Natalie Abbott, Jessie McKinlay, Estmund Mambwe


Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Memory Progressive - Media Release


Phantoms Limbs

The Memory Progressive


February 24th – 27th 2010

The Memory Progressive is a new contemporary dance and multi-media work by young and emerging dance company Phantom Limbs. Central to the work are themes of memory loss, the role of technology in mental reconstruction, and the phenomenon of telepathy. An initial development of the work entitled Ganzfeld Frequency was performed at Arts House, North Melbourne Town Hall in October 2009 as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

At its core The Memory Progressive is a collaboration between the founders of Phantom Limbs, Amy Macpherson and James Welsby, and Sydney based composer and animator James P Brown. Amy Macpherson, James Welsby, and new Phantom Limbs members Lily Paskas, and Rennie McDougall will perform the work.

The Memory Progressive is being developed and presented under the support of Arts ACT and the City of Melbourne. Theatre Works, QL2 Centre for Youth Dance, and design studio The Illogical Study are also supporting the project.


Wednesday, February 24th (8:00pm)

Thursday, February 25th (8:00pm)

Friday, February 26th (8:00pm)

Saturday, February 27th (8:00pm)

$23 Full/ $18 Concession

fortyfivedownstairs, 45 flinders lane, melbourne 3000

Ph: 03 9662 9966


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Phantom Limbs Showcase at King Street Arts Centre in Perth

Phantom Limbs are performing Ganzfeld Frequency and Breakdesta at King Street Arts Centre in Perth CBD on Wednesday October 21st at 7pm as a way of promoting the company, sharing the new work, and raising funds for The Memory Progressive.


Monday, October 5, 2009

Ganzfeld Frequency in the Melbourne Fringe

James Welsby and Amy Macpherson are currently performing new Phantom Limbs work Ganzfeld Frequency as part of the curated dance event Dance Miniature in the Melbourne Fringe.

Ganzfeld Frequency examines the nature of memory and the phenomenon of telepathy. Sound design is by new Phantom Limbs collaborator Keith McDougall.

Other performance pieces in Dance Miniature are created by Shian Law, Natalie Abbott, Hannah Glennie, Anna Kingston, Elenor Jane Webber, and Chiemene Steele-Prior.



Monday, August 17, 2009

KAGE Celebration - Hamer Hall - The Arts Centre

Amy Macpherson and James Welsby performed Phantom Limbs work Breakdesta last night on stage at Hamer Hall as part of KAGE Physical Theatre's Celebration as official company in residence 2009 at the Arts Centre, Melbourne. Other performances included Gerard Van Dyck, Michelle Heaven, and Fiona Cameron in an excerpt from Apetite, and Australian singer New Buffalo performing several solo songs. An exceptional night, and an exceptional celebration of KAGE!


TheatreWorks Awards

Phantom Limbs recently performed in Moving Works: A curated dance season at TheatreWorks in St Kilda. Phantom Limbs was THRILLED to learn that they won the two major awards from the season, a People's Choice Award of $2600 cash and the Industry Selection Award [a residency in September/ October 2009]. This is great news for the company and will greatly facilitate the generation of new work.

Thanks to all who came and supported the program and congratulations to the other performers in Moving Works, a truly wonderful cast!


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

BREAKDESTA - Northcote Town Hall - Friday June 5


The Memory Progressive - 1st Development


Concrete Solace


Concrete Solace in 2009 Adelaide Fringe Festival


A tribute to Australian band Grafton Primary by Phantom Limbs.

White Bedroom Hymnal

A tribute to U.S. band Fleet Foxes, created by newly formed Australian Dance Duo Phantoms Limbs (Amy Macpherson and James Welsby)